28th March 2019: The Notos Piano Quartet

Review by Peter Andrews

The 2018-2019 season of Chichester Chamber Concerts came to a happy conclusion with a concert by the highly regarded Notos Piano Quartet.  READ MORE

28th February 2019: The Heath Quartet

Review by Raymond Greenlees

It says a lot about the healthy state of quartet playing in this country, that when the German quartet “Vision” had to cancel their engagement to play in the Assembly Room at short notice, a replacement was found in the excellent Heath Quartet based in the UK READ MORE

24th January 2019: Matthew Hunt and Friends

Review by Raymond Greenlees

A spell-binding evening of French masterpieces, played by four virtuosi on clarinet, violin, cello and piano whose technique and musicianship gave us a performance that will never be bettered. READ MORE

6th December 2018: Magnard Ensemble

Review by Katie Salvatore

Who could ask for anything more READ MORE

8th November 2018: Merlin Ensemble

Review by Peter Andrews

Exquisite Musicianship from Visiting Austrian Ensemble READ MORE

4th October 2018: Castalian Quartet

Review by David Tinsley

Live Music at its Best READ MORE

22nd February 2018: Arcadia Quartet
Review by Peter Andrews.

Outstanding string quartet brings a varied and exciting programme to Chichester.   READ MORE

6th December 2017: Daniel Lebhardt
Review by Chris Darwin.

From the opening chord of Beethoven's 'Tempest' Sonata, it was clear we were in the hands of a magician. When Anton Schindler asked Beethoven for guidance in playing this sonata, the alleged answer was "read Shakespeare's Tempest". Whether you take this riposte seriously or not, the young Hungarian pianist Daniel Lebhardt transported us Prospero-like to a magic "isle full of noises, sounds, and sweet airs that give delight".   READ MORE

9th November 2017: Trio Con Brio Copenhagen
Review by Peter Andrews.

The Chichester Chamber Concert presentation on Thursday 9h November was held in the Chapel of the Ascension at Chichester University and featured the Trio Con Brio Copenhagen. The trio is composed of two sisters, Soo-Jin Hong (violin) and Soo-Kyung (cello) and Soo-Kyung’s husband Jens Elvekjaer (piano). The close relationship of the players was reflected in their playing with keen attention to detail and precise ensemble throughout. Eye contact between the two sisters was constant.   READ MORE

5th October 2017: Akilone Quartet
Review by Raymond Greenlees.

This young French quartet opened their concert with an immaculate performance of Beethoven’s early quartet Opus 18 No. 6. This is a difficult work which poses problems of syncopation and balance, but begins with a jocular first movement of answering phrases, and they caught the atmosphere successfully, as well as negotiating the complex rhythmic patterns of the later Scherzo.   READ MORE

16th March 2017: Kungsbacka Piano Trio
Review by Peter Andrews.

When an ensemble as renowned and applauded as the Kungsbacka Piano Trio arrives in town it is reasonable to anticipate an evening of high quality and enjoyable music–making. This was certainly the experience of the audience at the Chichester Chamber Concerts recital in the Assembly Room last Thursday evening. Moreover, the Trio came with an enthralling programme which admirably suited their considerable talents. Each half of the programme contained one of the major works of the piano trio repertoire preceded by a shorter work of much greater rarity.   READ MORE

16th February 2017: SPIRITATO! Sound the Trumpet!
Review by David Tinsley.

What a treat to have an octet at CCC with two trumpets in full flow, evoking the atmosphere of the seventeenth century court. Spiritato! certainly lived up to their name and gave the responsive audience much to enjoy.   READ MORE

26th January 2017: SIGNUM QUARTET
Review by Raymond Greenlees.

The Signum Quartet played works by Haydn, Bruno Mantovani and Beethoven.   READ MORE

1st December 2016: NOTOS PIANO QUARTET
Review by Raymond Greenlees.

A packed house heard the Notos Piano Quartet give a shining performance of a reconstructed Mozart fragment, an early masterpiece by Walton, and the magnificent Brahms Opus 26.   READ MORE

27th October 2016: ALEXEI GRYNYUK, piano
Review by Chris Darwin.

It is every concert organiser’s nightmare: on the morning of the concert, the phone rings and the artist apologises that he is too ill to perform that evening. Aargh!! Fortunately for Anna Hill, the organiser of Chichester’s wonderful Chamber Concert series, Alexei Grynyuk, the pianist who was to have played with the indisposed cellist Leonard Elschenbroich, offered to perform a solo piano recital instead of the planned cello–piano duo programme.   READ MORE

6th October 2016: VAN KUIJK QUARTET
Review by Peter Andrews.

The first concert in the 2016 ⁄ 17 Season of the Chichester Chamber Concerts took place on Thursday 6th October in the Assembly Room. It was an auspicious start. The performers were the youthful Van Kuijk Quartet and the programme included the two best–loved, and most performed, French String Quartets, those of Maurice Ravel and Claude Debussy.   READ MORE

Review by David Tinsley.

If anyone is any doubt that live music is far better than recorded sound, tonight’s performance by the Brodsky proved the point. The clarity and perfection of their interpretation of the Shostakovich String Quartet No. 2 in A Op. 68 was not just an ear opener for those familiar with this complex work but an ideal introduction for those new to this composer.   READ MORE

18th February 2016: BUSCH TRIO
Review by Peter Andrews.

The Chichester Chamber Concert on Thursday 18th February provided a wonderful opportunity to hear two major works for piano trio. Both the Schubert Piano Trio in E flat D929 and the Mendelssohn Piano trio No. 1 in D minor Op.49 are exuberant and powerful works and the performers in the Assembly Room were the highly accomplished London–based Busch Piano Trio.   READ MORE

21st January 2016: ROSANNA TER–BERG and FRIENDS
Review by Raymond Greenlees.

This interesting combination of instruments performed at the City’s Assembly Room to a full house in a largely Franco–Belgian programme. Flautist Rosanna Ter–Berg , and harpist Olivia Jageurs provided the nucleus of the ensemble, with the addition of a string trio in many of the works.   READ MORE

3rd December 2015: LA SERENISSIMA
Review by Raymond Greenlees.

Although the title of this excellent baroque group is normally associated with Venice, we were spared Vivaldi and instead given the fascinating story of other Italian violinist⁄composers who at one time or another had met Handel or played his music.   READ MORE

5th November 2015: DAVID OWEN NORRIS (piano), AMANDA PITT (soprano), LOUISE WILLIAMS (viola). 
Review by David Tinsley.

From the start we knew we were in for a treat. Rarely featured as a solo instrument, Louise Williams demonstrated the full range of sounds possible from a fine instrument, beautifully played. The Rebecca Clarke Viola Sonata gave Louise every opportunity to display her virtuoso technique. A lively and melodic first movement was followed by a more complex display of the composer’s ingenuity. The final movement was a glorious outpouring of sound from two players in perfect sympathy with each other and with the composer’s wishes.   READ MORE

19th February 2015: KATYA APEKISHEVA Piano Recital. 
Review by David Tinsley.

Katya Apekisheva has an outstanding talent which impressed and delighted the Chichester Chamber Concerts’ audience. Unnecessarily looking to the gods for inspiration when her skills were deep in her DNA, Katya demonstrated a range of musical understanding and interpretation through a wide range of pieces which culminated in a spectacular interpretation of the popular Chopin Scherzo which seemed to confirm that the gods wanted to lift her up to heaven.   READ MORE

8th January 2015: BRENTANO QUARTET
Review by Raymond Greenlees.

This long–established string quartet based in New York gave a spell–binding performance of works by Mozart, Bartok and Schubert in Christ Church, Chichester. Their refined and immaculate playing illuminated all three works but particularly Bartok’s 3rd string quartet in which their accurate corporate intonation made sense of the composer’s daring discords.  READ MORE

Review by David Tinsley.

What an evening of contrasts!
Quartet No. 2 by Crussell is a delightful and playful piece which suits admirably this seldom heard combination of instruments. Hanna Marcinowicz was impressive as a virtuoso clarinettist, secure in all registers. The clarity and precision of her playing blended well with the expert string accompaniment and produced a lively and exciting rondo finale.   

6th November 2014: SMETANA PIANO TRIO
Review by Peter Andrews.

The second of the Chichester Chamber Concerts in the 2014–15 Season was given on Thursday 6th November in the Assembly Room by the highly accomplished Smetana Piano Trio. Despite their programme consisting of three trios all in a minor key, this proved to be a joyous and most enjoyable occasion.  READ MORE

2nd October 2014: LONDON CONCERTANTE
Review by Chris Darwin of Nicholas Yonge Society, Lewes.

First up in the 2014–15 season on Thursday October 2nd was the London Concertante, a flexible group fronted by cellist Chris Grist, which has metamorphosed from a chamber group to an opera orchestra and back again and whose eclectic and often novel repertoire extends from the baroque to the contemporary. For their Chichester concert the group fielded seven players: two violins, two violas, cello, clarinet and horn. Each of the four works they performed was for a different combination.  READ MORE